Schema Therapy: Life-changing

There are some cases where self-medication and self-treatment aren’t enough or even not advisable. For instance, if one is experiencing trouble or difficulty in having the proper behavior and proper mindsets, he/she needs to seek help. Schema therapy is a treatment and an approach that targets the self-defeating and negative cognitive and behavioral patterns that an individual has elicited for a long period of time. A person showing signs or symptoms of continuous pessimist and irritable moods, depression, and sleeplessness should call for a therapist or psychologist.


A schema therapist in Sydney would help his/her patient by totally changing his/her mindset and assist in the improvement, if not removal, of one’s depression, anger, and anxiety issues. For this system to work, the doctor should provide and maintain an atmosphere where the patient is most comfortable to share his/her experiences. At the same time, the therapist should be able to recognize the emotional pains of the client and deal with it immediately. As much as possible, health institutes discourage failed attempts and unproductive counseling sessions, so medical practitioners of this field are well-trained in cognitive-behavioral therapies.

Since this negative lifestyle and viewpoint started in early childhood, doctors have followed a step-by-step process to restructure and fix the personality disorders.

First, an intensive interview or question-and-answer session is required by most doctors to identify the schemas of their patients. A psychologist in Bondi Junction would tap into the emotional and personal experiences of the patient in order to recognize their psychological and temperamental awareness. In this stage, they get to identify what occurrences precipitated such convictions and sentiments.

There are many schemas that professionals address. The most common ones are emotional deprivation, abuse, abandonment, shame, isolation, failure, and grandiosity. This list just shows that a number of people are plagued with distorted and negative interpretations of their daily lives.

Afterwards, the schema therapy will kick in through treatments tailored to the needs and situation of the individual. The comprehensive assessment will determine what coping techniques are required. For example, those with mistrust and abuse issues are often given imagery tests wherein the individual will draw oneself in a certain situation he associates with a certain topic or word.

Overall, it’s important to admit to oneself that medical assistance is needed to solve mangled views of the world. Who knows, maybe undergoing schema therapy can positively reinvent one’s life and change for the better.

While some people can cope with stress and depression, others can’t. If you are one of those experiencing depression, consult

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