Netherlands and its travel laws and rules

netherlandschoolTo travel Netherlands, one has to have a Schengen Visa. This is a visa issued to 26 countries in Europe and members of the European Union. The visa is applicable to the country where it is intended for use.

Netherlands also has provisions of traveling around the country to a maximum of 90 days without a visa however, meeting some criteria is a standard procedure.

One should have a valid passport if he should be considered to stay in Netherland without a visa.  One has to have enough money of at least 34 Euros a day if one plans to stay in Netherlands in 90 days period. He must also have a genuine reason for visiting the country and he is not a menace to its peace and order and its natural security or to its international relations for him to get a free entry in Netherlands.

Netherlands is known to have positive outlook for gay marriages. It is one country that has legislations seeking equal rights for the so called third sex or members of the LGBT community. One of its laws seeks the protection of lesbian parents and the improvements of the social positions of lesbian women, gay men, bisexuals and transgender including protections against violence against LGBT communities.

Netherland has a strict driving rules and no one is excused from getting the penalty in violation of the rules. One has to have a valid driver’s license and must carry this every time he’s on the road. A tourist may drive his car if he has a valid international license however since there are road signage that are unfamiliar, tourist are advised to get a car hire instead. This will enable tourists to enjoy their trips around Netherland more in peace and with less worry.

Regarding soft drugs like marijuana, Netherland has a tolerating stand on these called soft drugs but it doesn’t mean that these drugs are legal in and around Netherlands. Most tourists enjoying Netherlands in cheap car hire can enjoy cannabis coffee shops located in famous Netherland tourist attractions like Amsterdam. These cannabis coffee shops are licensed by the Dutch government to sell cannabis in small quantities and only for personal use and it is a violation to sell cannabis to minors. Cannabis coffee shops are a popular attraction of Netherland as well as its koffiehuis or the Dutch coffee house.

Netherland is one of the world’s top destinations because of its beauty, charms and culture and tourists are invited to enjoy its hidden delights as long as they know how to follow and obey its laws and rules.

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