Why Sewing Machines Make the Best Christmas Gift

Centuries ago, it was a must for one – especially women – to learn how to sew; but when ready-to-wear clothing came into being, sewing only became a part of Home Economics class in school. Fortunately, this art is becoming popular once more. So, this Christmas, you might want to give a good friend or relative one of the best sewing machines. Here are some reasons for you to consider it:

Sewing is good for you

sewingAll these retail shops selling trendy and incredibly cheap clothes enforce the ‘throwaway’ attitude that a lot of people have these days. But, if you sew something whether that’s a dress or a quilted blanket, you tend to treasure it more. Even better, you pass on this mentality to young ones. Sewing definitely is good for your soul. Give it a try.

DIY hobbies and crafts are so in this 2014 – And next year, too!

More and more people want to own one of those best sewing machines because of the DIY movement.

Craft making is not just fun; it is immensely relaxing. It’s cheaper, too compared to asking someone else to do the job for you. Finally, you always get to incorporate your own style in whatever you’re making. There really is nothing more satisfying than creating something from scratch.

Great options for beginner sewing machine

Thanks to technology, sewing machines are made lighter, high-tech and oh-so user-friendly. Brother’s 2-stitch sewing machine with 20-Stitch Function ($55.97), Singer 2263’s features 23 stitch capabilities ($81.07) and Michley Li’l Sew with four stitches ($45.02) are all great equipment at under $100!

Add sewing lesson gift vouchers

If the person you would love to give a sewing machine to has no experience in sewing but she really wants to learn, why not give her sewing classes’ gift vouchers as well? You could find a lot of these online and a lot of them are shockingly low-priced.

A personalized gift is always the best gift

Have you ever received a generic present like a vase, a photo album or a T-shirt, didn’t care for it at all and never used it? Don’t do that to the people you love. Give them something that they really like. And a good sewing machine never disappoints.

It would be hard to put one of the best sewing machines in a Christmas stocking and hang it on the wall. But, given to the right person, this gift would definitely be one of the best he or she ever had. And you will be remembered forever for it. Happy Holidays!

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