Two most visible types of tower

There are different types of tower and but two most visible are transmission tower used in electricity transmission line and telecommunication or Radio Towers for mobile cell sites and telecommunication and broadcasting.

Transmission tower is classified into two category namely lattice and tubular pole structure. Both are used for electricity transmission line by most power companies. Lattice transmission tower uses two or more circuits and can be erected easily as tower members are light and can be transported easily. One disadvantage is its requirement for more ROW or Right Of Way which cause public resentment and results to power companies using alternative transmission structure.

towerTubular pole tower is used by power companies for high and extra high tension transmission line and while it is more costly to built, it require less building time. Many mobile cell sites use this type of tower. One type is that uses Rapid-deployment units or RDU. This RDU allows fast and easy installation. Rapid deployment masts are attached to the main base frame and have cylindrical flanged sections with an antenna supporting pole. Some RDU has trailer mounted masts functioning as mobile base station for rapid expansion of cellular networks and can be installed in restricted spaces. RDU tubular towers with compact kit stat allows easy and fast erection not only in restricted space but also in narrow site without requiring civil works.

Mobile station on trailer using telescopic mast towed by heavy vehicles and in most cases uses trailer mounted masts is also classified as tubular transmission tower. It can be retracted under the container for transport with two access doors and antenna supporting pole. Installation can be carried without manual winches providing fast and easy installation.

Radio masts or towers these are tall structures designed to support aerials and the most visible tower structures and more commonly called telecommunication and broadcasting towers. In many instances, these towers are the tallest manmade structure and have similar characteristics to electricity pylon and wind turbines. A special type of radio towers is telescopic mast with two or more concentric sections. Skid mounted masts are a popular variation and used in setting up temporary radio links for the purpose of reporting major news events and serves as temporary source of communication in emergencies.

There are other types of towers  but because of restrictions issues on installation, location and use, only these two types of tower are the most visible and people could easily recognize and associate these two towers with the purpose they’re specifically built for.

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