Three Big Pointers to Consider When Finding Maritime Jobs Online

Most seafarers keep on looking for better shipping companies, salary and working conditions. Those who are new job seekers and who would like to work on ships and become professional crew oftentimes contribute to the rise of online search for marine crew jobs. With the influx of websites posting maritime jobs listing, online maritime job search has become very accessible and offering high rate of finding job opportunities and at the same time contribute much to the confusion and frustrations of maritime job seekers. Here are some pointers that will help job seekers choose what maritime job websites can be trusted.

Free registration or with minimal charge

marine_crew2There are several maritime job websites that offer free registration. Job seekers are not required to pay any registration fees because most of these free websites are created by professional crew themselves who want to help other crews. Most jobs are basic that crew wants. Most of the job listings are man pooling from member’s employers, and job seekers are offered directly. Some websites offer minimal charge for crews and employers to ensure registered members get first priority pick from employers. Also, paid members are asked to give their complete profile and work experience as marine crew and member-employers can view these profiles to send invitation for interview or for direct hiring opportunities.

With large members and fast growing websites

Membership is an important factor in determining if the marine job website is worth of your time in finding a career in marine industry. Large membership is a good measure if the website is being trusted by marine industry such as ship companies and off shore industries. Some websites are listed as fast growing by websites watchdogs as most of them have high visitors as well as registration rate and enjoying strong web presence. Top shipping and offshore companies are oftentimes featuring their current job opportunities for professional crew on these top and with large membership marine job websites.

With offer of categorized job opportunities

If you’re seeking for marine jobs, you’ll get wider search opportunities in websites that offer categorized marine jobs. You can find better job opportunities if the website provides job listing for a variety of shipping ranks and fields as well as for international and local jobs. Some maritime job websites even has a listing for offshore or shore-based jobs, towing or dredging jobs opportunities. Websites with extensive job listing categories for marine jobs crew jobs will surely make your maritime job seeking productive.

Marine job websites with easy to use features are a sure winner. It makes your online search for marine jobs much easier and less annoying, and also closest to maritime career of your choice.

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