Switzerland Adventures

Switzerland has been a global symbol of greatness – from economy, social stability and being outstandingly green amidst progress. Good governance and extreme environmentalism are two factors that made the country one of the finest tourist destinations in the planet. The tourism industry of the nation has spawned the foundation for other businesses such as aviation, local shopping, travel agencies, car hire Switzerland services, hotels and many more.

carhireswitzerlandMillions of people from around the world visit Switzerland every year. There are many reasons why this country is a tourist magnet, one of which is being a prime destination for outdoor adventure seekers.

Alpine Hiking

The best time to explore the Alpine region is during summer. This season will allow you to observe customs and traditions of the villagers. You can also visit cheese processing areas where they sell this product for a relatively cheaper price.

The Alps is also famous for outdoor adventures. The Alpine Passes Trail gives you the opportunity to enjoy a scenic long-distance hike. This route links more than 14 passes such as Ticino, Valais and Graubunden. It is like treading your way to heaven with the breathtaking sights and sceneries that will greet you along the way. Some of the nicest places to see within these routes include the Zinal Glacier and Grimentz; the latter tagged as the most beautiful of all Alpine villages and popular for its geraniums.

Getting to the Swiss Alps is easier than you think. You can either tap airport car hire “Mietwagen am Flughafen” or hotel services or use public transportation. Make sure that there is a compartment that can secure your bikes properly all throughout your journey to the mountain side.

Alpine Biking

A priceless biking adventure is what the Alpine National Park can offer. The ultimate bike route from Scuol to Lake Geneva will pump adrenaline levels to the roof. The exciting rugged and thrilling trails will give an experience of a lifetime.

It is highly advisable that you spend a couple of days to complete more than 100 kilometers of biking. From Scuol to Tschierv is a complete 31-kilometer trail that will allow you to pass by the amazing forest of Tamangur. A 40-kilometer bike route on the second day from Tschierv to Livigno will take you to the finest valleys in the country.

Heart Route

A more laid-back and romantic biking is what you can enjoy at the Emmental Heart Route. It stretches from Thun to Willisau, with less challenging trails. While trailing this course, you will be able to visit the Thun Castle and cheese dairy farm in Affoltern.

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