Laser Hair Removal for Effective Body Hair Removal

There are a lot of different skin and body treatments available today. One of these is laser hair removal. Although other hair removal methods are very popular, this method is one of the least invasive, less painful, and safest methods, especially when it comes to the skin after the treatment. Other methods that are popular in spas use creams, honey, and other liquids or sticky substances to peel away hair. There have been instances when the hair follicles have not all been taken out. This leads to painful hair growth afterwards.

laserhairremovalA person’s skin can have different levels of sensitivities. Skin on the arms and legs are less sensitive than on the face, underarms or the pubic area. Removing hair from these areas therefore can be more painful than removing hair from the arms, or the legs. In addition, some people have more sensitive skin than others do. Not all skin treatments would work for all people. There is also the matter of preference and convenience. What some would like as treatment would not be the same with others. Laser hair removal is one treatment that can be the preferred hair removal treatment, after a person has gone through it.

There are several advantages to laser hair removal. First off, large areas can be treated without causing any skin burns. For another, the treatment is non-invasive as the hair follicles fall off once subjected to the intense laser light. There is no chance of burning the skin. Hence, the patient can come back for treatment after four to six weeks. However, one of the biggest selling points of this procedure is the big probability of permanent hair loss after three to five treatments. Considering that with other methods, the client would need to come back for another treatment after every four to five weeks, practically for life, the resulting permanent hair loss means that no other treatment is necessary once this happens.

Of course, there are still some safety precautions during the procedure. A cooling gel would be applied to the skin. This will both ensure that the skin is not affected and at the same time it will help the laser light penetrate through the skin. After the treatment, an ice pack, a cooling gel or cold water has to be applied to help with skin rejuvenation. This would also help with any discomfort.

This is one treatment that can only be done by trained and certified personnel. This ensures that any skin damage is avoided.

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