Determine the Good Points of Trade Association Membership

Professionals in the areas of construction and building will find it very valuable to be informed on services that will advise them on issues like workplace’ health and safety, as well as help them keep their skills updated. Some professionals find it already difficult to navigate through the legal system and dealing with contracts and other regulations, much more if you are still in the beginning of your profession, like as a Carpentry Apprentice. Do not despair; there are non-profit organizations and groups where trainees and experts alike can join.Carpentry-Apprentice1

In fact, there are departments of such non-profit organizations who will be there to support members in issues relating to industrial relations. The oldest employer association in Australia, they offer advice when it comes to matters of employment, among these other key services:

Professional Advice

Should a Carpentry Apprentice, for example, have any issues on employment aspects like contracts, work conditions and the like, said department can give him advice over the phone, and even represent individual members or the industry in meetings with State or Federal Departments, Unions or other industry participants.

Compliance Audits

In order to ensure that employers meet their obligations on matters like workplace safety, such non-profit organization can conduct visits and audits to work sites.

Handling Disputes

When members have issues or disputes like unfair dismissals, redundancies or claims of unfair wages, they are represented in meetings or arbitration with unions, employers and even government departments.


Another benefit from being a member of a trade association is the chance to keep one’s skills and knowledge of the industry updated. Trainings like a waterproofing coursewhich is in demand and very relevant in these times are offered to members by nothing less than experts in the field. These courses also allow them to catch up with new regulations and practices related to their profession.

In short, all services that protect the rights of experts and all the way to a Carpentry Apprentice can be availed by members of such industry or trade associations; ensuring that they are paid fairly, that they are represented and that workplaces are safe and fair, and lastly, that their skills are up-to-date. Members can even learn from each other and network through gatherings, potentially leading to more job opportunities and other ways to improve skills and industry practices. In turn, a more skilled and satisfied workforce can lead to better work output, making sure that projects around the state are professionally built for the safety of all.

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