Cosmetic Surgery and Its Non-Surgical Alternatives

Having that beautiful, glowing skin that you had when you were in your early 20s now that you’re 20 years older is not impossible these days. There might be some who might think that going under the knife is the only way but with medical advancements, wonder beauty treatments like those that anti wrinkle injections Sydney work, too.cosmetic3

Below are some of the usual ‘problem’ areas in the face that a lot of women want to fix and how it can be fixed. Enjoy reading!

The Problem: Thin boring lips
Angelina Jolie shot to fame not just because of her acting chops but also because of her iconic mouth. Now, everyone wants to get the luscious, fuller lips Sydney that she has or something close to it, at least – without having to go through surgery.

The Fix:
Hyaluronic acid filler is the answer. It can give that extra pump to the lips or help balance its features. Juvederm, Restylane and Perlane are some of the most common brands of these fillers.


The Problem: Wrinkles everywhere
These skin folds and ridges is primarily the result of aging. This basically means that we are all doomed to have these lines once we hit the age of 50, although it could be earlier for some.

The Fix:
Anti wrinkle injections Sydney (Botulinum Toxin) is one of the most common dermatologic treatments for these lines. Dermal fillers and Laser Resurfacing are two others that are considered to be very effective as well.


The Problem: Sagging
Another age-related problem is sagging. This is most obvious in the forehead (brow) area, the cheeks, the chin and the neck.

The Fix:
Cosmetic surgery at one point in time seemed to be the only answer to this predicament. However, there are so many non-surgical brow lift procedures today like the Ultherapy (sound), dermal fillers and Botox injections.


The Problem: Flawed skin tone
All those fixes mentioned above would be utterly useless if you have poor skin quality. Uneven skin tone, age spots, varicosities and acne are only some of those irritating dermatologic difficulties.

The Fix:
Why spend thousands of dollars on surgery and go through all the pain when there are non-cosmetic surgical solutions to these as well?

Anti wrinkle injections Sydney, for instance, are just as helpful for acne scars and blemishes. Uneven skin tone and age spots can be dealt with the right cream or skin balm. All you need to do is find the right product and you’re good to go.

When opting for cosmetic surgery, just make sure you go for the right doctor, visit

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