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Applying and getting hired for a job or even an on the job training in Australia is very easy as long as you have everything that is required of you not just by your employer but also by the government. If you are thinking of working in a bar, hotel or restaurant, there is one very important document that you should have: a certificate that you completed your RSA Course.

RSA TrainingRSA means Responsible Serving of Alcohol. This is a must-have for those who are thinking of doing an on the job training as an airline staff, in premises that serve alcohol or in companies where alcohol is manufactured. Backpackers looking for work are also mandated to finish this course as well.

The RSA course includes lectures on the principles and purpose of RSA, the skills and knowledge that one must have when serving alcohol, the impact of alcohol in one’s life as well as the health of the community and the skills that you need to comply with liquor law and guidelines.

The government deemed this as a very important part of service since alcohol intoxication might cause various problems. Accidents caused by drunk driving and other alcohol-related violence are rising in the country.

Individuals are provided pertinent information on the negative effects of alcohol to one’s health and to other people’s safety. However, once people start having fun drinking, it could be difficult to bring it to an end.

So the government has thought of mandating workers in the service industry to have an RSA certificate so that they would have the skills and knowledge on serving alcohol.

Aside from knowing the right serving sizes of different kinds of alcoholic beverages, they would also know how to deal with individuals who are still ordering drinks despite the fact that they have had too much already.

RSA online NSW is currently unavailable. The parliament of New South Wales had passed a law to do so to deal with their current problem regarding violence, thought to be alcohol-related. While they are not allowed to offer the course to new enrollees as of right now, those who have started the course must complete it as soon as possible.

Online RSA is not available in Victoria and Tasmania as well. Only actual classes are. Those who live in New South Wales and the aforementioned states could get their RSA Course and subsequent training elsewhere in the country.

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