How to survive a terror professor

 Welcome. You are now a college student. You are now ready to enjoy campus life and have all things bright under the sky saved for one thing. You discovered that you are among the students who’ve wrongly picked a terror professor in one of your classes. But don’t panic, don’t let this one gets the most out of your student’s life as there are ways how to survive and get clean out of the horror of having a terror professor.

Study and always be prepared

This is your best weapon against a terror or impossible professor. Don’t let him catch you unprepared. Read in advance or read the previous notes before coming to class. You don’t need to dig out but knowing his lectures and the answers to his question would give him an excuse of not blotting you out. Bear in mind that terror professors have soft heart for the studious.

collegeprofessorNever come to his class late

A terror professor hates distractions and don’t give him the opportunity to blame you for getting distracted simply by avoiding being late in his class. Come a few minutes before his class starts and if you can’t help it, slip in as quietly as you can and avoid getting the class attention.

Always pay attention

Don’t let the professor catch you not paying attention to his lectures. Try to zipper your mouth and avoid talking to your seatmate or from doing anything other than listening to his every word. It pays to sit still and quiet until the class ends.

Ask your seniors for help

Since they have survived his class, ask your seniors some tips how to behave or at least please the professor. They could give you proven tricks how to deal with him.

Avoid the last row

It is a fact that terror professors love to jump up on those seated on the last row. As much as you can avoid sitting on the last row and stay safe and away from calling his attention.

Don’t think him as a monster

If you do, you will have a hard time finding his good and soft features.  Think of him as a friend and who’s there to help you build your future in your chosen career.

Don’t add him on Facebook

Don’t ever, ever send him a friend request on Facebook. Although it may look as a way of reaching out, he might think otherwise. Don’t give him a chance to take you as cunning, stupid and easy-go-lucky student. Terror professors hate them and don’t be one of them.

Terror professors are a part of college life and if you’re smart enough you can always survive them.

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