Hiring a Lawyer Traditionally vs. Finding One Online

What’s the Difference? 

According to statistics, at least 70% of all people who need lawyers these days are trying to find legal services on the internet. But is there a real difference between doing it the more traditional way which is going to a law firm and talking to one lawyer face-to-face and chatting with one online?

onlinelawyerHow Do You Find Lawyers Online? 

Everything that is done on the internet is made so much easier these days. The same is true with finding and hiring a lawyer. All you really have to do is go to the ABA (American Bar Association) website and check out their listing. They have categorized these professionals per law firm, per state and per specialty to prevent mismatch and undue hassles. Some sites even have a rating system so that you’d see immediately if the person you’re planning to talk to can actually deliver good results.

Going to a Law Firm 

Let’s start with the fact that doing this is a bit tiring since you will be doing a lot of waiting in the lounge especially if you’re not some hotshot or celebrity client. This could also be a huge hassle if you do not know the right person to go to. More often than not, people need to visit several offices first until they find the appropriate lawyer to handle the case.

But then again, appearing in someone’s office is a must at times such as in the signing sales of business contract. Let’s admit that there are still some things which cannot be done on the internet.

The Difference: 

When you really think about it, there really is no difference on hiring lawyers the old way and hiring them on the internet. You will still need to choose someone, talk to them about the case and then decide if you want to hire him or her (or if he or she can manage your case). The two of you will have to negotiate on the rates and other things as well. You will have to stay in contact with each other about the case as much as possible.

The process is only expedited when you are online since everything can be done in your home or in the office without having to go all the way to the law firm’s office.

We’re not completely dismissing the old way of doing things. Actually, there is something very assuring about talking to contract lawyers (or any kind of legal representative) that your friend or mother or uncle referred. If someone you love or believe in trusts in that professional, then it’s easier to trust him or her, too.

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