Few Reasons to Visit Norway

Norway is one of the richest countries of the world, not only in terms of wealth, but also in the wealth of natural wonders. It is blessed with friendly people and astounding natural beauty. Let’s have a close look at top reasons to visit Norway.

visitnorway* The Land of the Midnight Sun-Norway is famous as the land of Midnight Sun, because it’s one of the few places on the Earth where you can see the sun continuously shining for 24 hours. Plan your visit from March to July, or even in August to enjoy some exciting activities that you won’t be able to do at midnight elsewhere, such as hiking, playing golf, and even fishing!

* Arctic Adventures-Due to its location, Norway is the best place for Arctic Adventures. Enjoy silky white plains of northern Norway on a beautiful sled pulled by a reindeer herd or a pack of dogs. Swim in the midst of giant killer whales, or catch a glimpse of magnificent sperm whales. Take a shot at hauling the largest red king crab, or the largest cod fish on the Arctic. You can also take car hire Bergen to travel many places in Norway within a short time.

* The Famous Fjords of Norway-Norway is quite famous for its U-shaped valleys called fjords. They were formed when glaciers melted during ice age. Most of them are in western Norway, and few of them are World Heritage Sites. With car hire Bergen you can also visit numerous parks that offer camping grounds and scenic hiking trails. You can also climb or walk on glaciers, such as Voringsfossen. If you love being in the company of rare birds, do visit Vega Islands. It also offers breathtaking views and dramatic landscapes.

* Skiing-With around six months long winters, heaps of good snow and great slopes, it’s no wonder that thousands visit the country just to ski. There are many opportunities for all types of skiing. You can also go for snowkiting and snowboarding. The most popular ski resorts include Oppdal, which is best for advanced skiers, Hersedal, which offers around fifty slopes and Trysil, the biggest in Norway.

Read more about the midnight sun phenomenon: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midnight_sun

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