Six Simple Safety Rules for Safety

It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the workplace is certified safe for workers. This means providing safe work environment and safe work systems and with clear fire protection schemes. However, workers also share the same responsibility in avoiding and keeping the work place as safe and hazards-free. Here are some of the safety rules to avoid work emergencies like slips, falls, mechanical and chemical accidents and fire.

1. Design a safe work place

Designing a safe work place is paying attention of the work area layouts where furniture, equipments and tools are arranged in a way that there’s no obstructions, spillage or damage and workers can move about safely preventing slips and fall accidents at the work place.

2. Keep the work place clean

Keeping the work place clean is keeping it free from clutters and litres and any fire-hazard material. Slips, injuries from falling objects, falls and burns are avoided with clean work place.

3. Involve workers in planning and executing safety plans

firesafetyWorkers should share the responsibility in keeping up with fire protection schemes like of fire drills, first aid and safety awareness in the work place. This gives them the opportunity to know what to do during an emergency. Workers should also have complete knowledge in using or operating fire maintenance tools and on how equipments like fire hydrant systems, smoke alarm system, water sprinklers work during fire emergencies to prevent injuries.

4. Monitor workers performance on the job

Employers should monitor their workers’ performance on the job to ensure they’re not doing job’s shortcut that may result to accidents like fires or mechanical accidents. Reports from fire maintenance Sydney show that worker’s negligence and shortcuts are often times the cause of fires and chemical and mechanical work accidents resulting to loss of property and lives.

5. Do routine inspection on work place safety

Regular inspections are one of the best fire protection measures and also in maintaining a safe work place. Mechanical accidents like cuts, eye injuries, burns, and bodily parts injuries can be avoided with regular inspection for work safety.

6. Maintain all equipments and tools in good conditions

Regular inspections for repairs or replacement ensure machineries and equipments are in good order and condition and a maintenance program protects workers from incurring mechanical injuries caused by flying mechanical parts while at work.

Safety in work places doesn’t just happen but as a result of safety awareness at a work place. Encouraging safety awareness at a work place is just the first step while implementation is the key in seeing concrete results. Having both is a full guarantee of safety in any given work environment.

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