The Importance of Soil Testing: Ensuring Health and Safety in Your Working Environs

asbestos2One does not just buy a piece of lot, hire a crew of construction workers and have them build a structure. There are numerous elements required for this. And, one of the most important is soil testing.

What is soil testing?

It’s more than just trying to figure out what kind of soil is found in your site – although even that matters a lot as well. This is done to ensure that the soil is appropriate for the construction to be done – checking out the density, strength, compaction and contamination (among several others) in the soil.

All the pertinent information taken from soil testing will be used in documents (safety reports, technical papers) which are to be submitted to various government offices so that permits for the construction will be provided.

Where to get soil testers?

Leading providers in your area should follow not just the national but also the international standards of quality and safety. These professionals should be able to provide the following:

  • Laboratory testing for consolidation, compressive strength, permeability, shear strength, soil index, and foundation load, just to name a few
  • Complete software analysis
  • Consultancy and Technical support

Other occupational health and safety testing

Checking soil viability and non-toxicity is not just the only test done in the construction field. There are several others that must be conducted. Below are some of those regarded as the most significant inspections/assessments to be done before, after and during construction:

  • Asbestos testing Sydney

Asbestos is a substance that is so vital in construction projects because of its numerous advantages. However, this is so toxic that it can cause a specific type of skin cancer. Testing must be done to ensure that workers are not exposed to it.

Construction projects always generate a lot of different waste products and it is essential to segregate these properly. While this job is done by third party contractors, it is a must that those directly working in the field should know how this is done as well.

While working in the construction field is considered by a few to be a lowly, blue-collar job, it is actually one of the most challenging – requiring great skill and long experience. The fact that air, water and soil testing (among so many others) are necessities before projects start is just evidence to the importance of what people in construction do.

To prevent every space, whether home or workplace, from risk of spreading toxic chemicals and materials, give the place inspected. Consult

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