Campus life – the walk in the park that never was

campus_lifeCollege should be a good experience but with the numerous struggles people face in their campus life it is less than an interesting experience. The best thing about college is that it is a new experience- which ironically at the same time is the worst thing. For a majority of students, it is the very first time that they are on their own and so they have to find ways to solve their problems. There is so much freedom which adds fuel to the fire. It is one of the causes of the struggles of a college student. These struggles would include:

• Being overwhelmed by work

Students in college have plenty of time and the fact that they select the classes they want to take; they are able to manipulate their timetable to work for them. Unfortunately, only a few students are able to keep up with their schoolwork and social life without being overwhelmed. You want to go visit friends but at the same time you have classes to be attended and tests to be done. In classes which have many students, you can get away with missing a few classes but not so with those small classes.

• Peer pressure

Everyone struggles with peer pressure not only college students. But it seems to be at its peak during the first two years of campus life. Still tied to the freedom, students want to engage in all sorts of activities- get drunk, attend parties all seven nights of the week and still get to class. If you cannot say no to your friends, you will struggle to keep up with your studies.

• Failing classes

In high school you can get away without doing assignments and skipping classes but in college you are dared to do so. In most universities, you final exam and tests are not enough to give a final grade. Participation is necessary, assignments have to be done and other things the professor decides to consider. It is nearly impossible to participate in class when you are suffering the effects of a severe hangover from last night’s party. Most students end up failing the classes not because they did not do the exams and tests well, but because of the attendance and participation issues.

These are just some of the struggles of a college student but they are easy to manage. If only you can set your goals properly and organize your activities, you would not find it hard to keep up with college life. You will be able to have the most from college and still get a healthy chunk of fun from your social life.

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