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collegeWe are free- spirited individuals who are very candid and down-to-earth and who hate anything superficial. We always wanted to make a difference and to do something that is not only for ourselves but for our fellow students who while struggling to achieve something are trying to as much as possible enjoy life.

This is the inspiration we have in creating this page. We wanted something that would interest our fellow students and at the same time motivate them to do better because if others can do it, why can’t we, right?

We feature in this space inspiring reads which students will definitely get a lot from. There is the advice corner where pieces of advice are universal and applicable to all young minds of any race, greed and affiliations. We feature inspiring cover story of students who’ve triumph over life’s struggles & those who are doing cert 4 in building and construction students.

However, we’re not after making life too serious but to enjoy it by taking one-step at a time as we go into the direction of our dreams; of making them happen. We’ll be talking about fashions, lifestyles, relationship and most of all everything related to campus life.

We have this feedback corner where every reader has the right to tell us what she/he had loved most in every issue and why. We have a little surprise gift for the chosen feedback. Oh, how we love soliciting advice!

It’s an honor to reach out to a fellow and sharing with us your precious time is a reason why working in this blog can be truly worthwhile. We want to thank our partner SEO Parramatta in Australia & Digital Pages Web Design Sydney

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